Does Power Shell not like UPN authentication?

Moving to “E-mail” based login is all the rage. Recently a large customer wanted to use the E-Mail as the login. A new User Principal Name (UPN) suffix was created so a UPN suffix that did not match the domain and the left hand side did not match the sAMAccount Name. No big deal, things […]

How to Authenticate via UPN Across a Trust

How well does cross domain authentication work across a Trust? If you have a Forest trust, pretty good. Just make sure you have your UPN routing setup on the trust configuration. And across a domain trust? Not so well, and not at all “out of the box”. Because we work in the migration space and […]

Who should you trust Coherence, Inc. as your vendor?

You have a Directory or E-Mail migrations to do?  Who should you trust as your vendor?  Coherence has been doing full time e-mail and directory migrations since 2004.  That pretty much all we do.  And we do it quite well.  We have done very small migrations (only 5 accounts), very large migrations (over 1 million), […]

Preparation for an Active Directory migration

Recently I was asked by a collegiate what a customer could do to prep for an Active Directory migration.  I did a quick “off the top of my head” writeup and thought I would share it here for others.  Sorry in advance that the formatting isn’t great. Here is the list of ideas for preparing […]

Migrating VPN connected computers

When performing an Active Directory migration one of the often unexpected pitfalls is handling workstation migrations that are only connected via a VPN connection – they never come to an office, ever.  What is the problem?  When you join a workstation to a new domain all the cached credentials are lost, resulting in users not […]

Split User and Workstation migrations, please!

Active Directory Migrations require managing entropy and chaos until you are done, at which point, hopefully, you have essentially the same services you started with.  It is work that, at best, you can get through without anyone noticing.  Part of managing that entropy and chaos involves breaking things into smaller and more manageable parts.  To […]

Top Three Reasons Why Migration Manager Migrations Fail

When Quest Migration Manager was still young, and i was at lot younger, i got to go on what Quest Software calls a Smoke Jump.  These are engagements that are usually not being funded by the customer, where the customer is upset, and the migration seems to have failed.  My role?  To show the Migration […]

My Migration Mantra’s

When I red Mark’s excellent post titled Marathon Rules of Migration it occurred to me that I ought to post my own set of rules and guidelines for a migration, which I call my Migration Mantra’s.  They are, in no particular order:  Keep it simple, keep it safe; The Goal of a Migration is not to […]

Using LDAP Filter to Control Migration Manager Calendar Sync and Mail Sync/Switch

When building collections in Migration Manager for Exchange to perform Calendar sync and Mail Sync Switch you have three control options.  You can add/import members into the collections, you can use groups to control the migration, or you can use LDAP filters.  LDAP filters has become my preferred approach and has some stong advantages over […]