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These sorts of successes are what earn reputations

“It is indeed fantastic what the team has done on this account – truly fantastic and greatly appreciated! These sorts of successes are what earn reputations. Thank you all for your tremendous efforts as always!”

Randy Verma
Thyssen Krupp

So, what about the customer?

Recently I found myself in a situation where some “other” (read: not coherence) co-technicians have totally forgotten who pays the bills.  I can only tolerate

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Exchange Autodiscover logic and SCPs

If you want to thoroughly understand Exchange Autodiscover logic, and in particular how Outlook handles various SCP scenarios like cross-forest redirect (pointer) vs. same-forest SCP

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Quest RMAD Backup Agent

Quest Recovery Manager for AD is used on every migration project. It relies on Agent running on DC to perform AD backups and customer asked today

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