Disabling Legacy FB Update logic on QMM Calendar Sync

When running QMM Calendar Sync with the legacy Calendar agents, they will also try and update Legacy F/B data. This was very handy in Ex 2003 world but moving into Exchange 2007/2010 it started causing extreme slowness on the Calendar Sync side. On some migrations I have seen agent taking up to 2 min per mailbox to update Legacy F/B data while expectation is less than 10 sec per mailbox in order to achieve more or less acceptable Calendar sync performance. This becomes especially critical because Calendar sync remains the only solution to update the new Availability based F/B during migration coexistence besides doing cross-forest F/B or federation which may not always be practical. Is there a way to disable legacy F/B Update on QMM Calendar Sync Agent?

Yes this logic can be disabled via the hidden Calendar Sync Agent parameter.

• In Project Manager, select Tools | Options and select the “Additional parameters for agent configuration files” node.
• Click Add, to add the following parameter:
Name: FreeBusyPublishPeriod
Value: 0
• From the drop down list, select Quest Calendar Synchronization Agent and click OK.