Few quick tips on connecting QMM Exchange to SQL project

QMM (Quest Migration Manager) relies on AD LDS and SQL to operate. While AD LDS project contains AD portion of the project where it keeps migration sessions, domain pair, directory sync configurations, Source/Target mapped object pairs, SQL DB is where all mailbox migration Exchange related project settings are kept. And here are few helpful tips on getting it to connect to some “stubborn” SQL servers:

1.      Configurations on the SQL Server side itself is the key, often running SQL Browser service all is needed for the clients to successfully connect to the non-standard SQL Server ports.

2.      To troubleshoot, create test.udl file, double click on it and it will give you DB Client based on OS DB libraries including SQL. You just specify the same SQL server information you put into QMM and if test.udl can connect, QMM will work as well.

3.      But here is the real lifesaver if you indeed run into the tough-to-connect SQL instance:


While 1 through 3 are preferred also the following syntax can be attempted: SQLSERVER\INSTANCE\,<port number> or without “\”. For example: SQL\DB1\,1501 or SQL\DB1,1501where 1501 is TCP/IP port number. Also  it is possible to type just the servername followed by a comma and then the port name, syntax would be: SERVERNAME,1450 (where 1450 is just an example)