Handling “Remote Registry” service as part of QMM RUM requirement

QMM RUM always had a requirement for the “Remote Registry” service to be running on migrated computers but starting with Windows 8 / Server 2012 Microsoft has made it a bit more challenging for the migration engineers to handle. Even if you set it to “Automatic” and start, it will eventually be stopped by OS and Startup Type will reflect Automatic (Trigger Start) so QMM RUM will keep complaining about it.

Turns out the resolution is quite simple, like everything else in the migration space (not really :)), as long as you know couple of commands:

To simply start it on the one by one basis, run this .cmd script via QMM RUM and then start your migration (but it’s not really what this article is about):

sc config RemoteRegistry start= Auto
sc start RemoteRegistry

To actually disable this “Trigger Start” tag on Remote registry service, run this command:

sc triggerinfo “remoteregistry” delete

To put it back:

sc triggerinfo remoteregistry start/namedpipe/1f81d131-3fac-4537-9e0c-7e7b0c2f4b55

To see status:

sc qtriggerinfo remoteregistry

And finally, to handle this via GPO, set this registry key to “1” along with setting the service to Automatic:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\RemoteRegistry \DisableIdleStop