Legacy F/B Sync with QCS and QMM

Here is the real-world scenario that I was recently working on: QCS currently runs AD and Legacy F/B Sync. QMM DirSync comes in, QCS AD publications stop and QMM takes over. It merges into QCS stubs (mail-enabled disabled AD Users) and mailbox-enables them (creates mailboxes). LegacyExchangeDN is often changed during that process – the old LEDN from mail-enabled user is still retained as x500 on the new mailbox-enabled user. This is because there may be some legacy Admin Groups in Exchange org and QCS uses one Admin Group in its template while QMM uses another, for example new Ex 2007/2010 one “Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)”. Now the question: What’s going to happen with Legacy Free/Busy in such circumstances?

Upon LEDN change the old F/B messages in Schedule + F/B folders become obsolete and new F/B data needs to be regenerated. This same exact case with QMM would require some painful procedure of deleting/re-creating F/B messages, scripting subject line change or swapping new-to-old LEDN on the objects themselves. Would QCS require the same? To our current customer’s fortune the answer is No, this time we can resort to the less complex solution. This is because:

QMM Legacy F/B Sync copies MAPI_SOURCE_KEY on every message and will always try to merge Source message into an old obsolete Target F/B message

QCS Legacy F/B Sync (unlike QMM) DOES NOT copy MAPI_SOURCE_KEY and simply matches F/B by “mail” and then RE-CREATES new F/B message with the new subject matching changed LEDN and in the new F/B folder if needed.

So solution was: 1) Get QMM DirSync to merge into the QCS stubs, mailbox-enable them and change LEDN 2) Get QCS Legacy F/B collection to republish F/B data.

Some other alternatives: Decommission QCS F/B Sync and get QMM Legacy F/B Sync do the job. Now for the newer Outlook clients 2007+, QMM Calendar sync will also be required as soon as mail-enabled user turns into a mailbox.