MAgE Calendar Sync: Mailbox Move Logic

In this post I wanted to highlight some changes in the mailbox move logic of QMM MAgE Calendar Sync compared to the legacy CSA (Calendar Sync Agent).

In the legacy Calendar sync collections mailbox is only moved once – immediately after Directory Sync instantiates empty mailbox on the stub database. Calendar agent then moves, deletes and re-creates mailbox on the new database specified on Calendar Sync collection properties. Subsequently if Calendar Sync Agent encounters mailbox not on the right database it simply logs the following message and continues the sync to any database:

“CMBMConn::SetMailboxInfoE2K TraceMsg 6210 Forbid move mailbox from mailbox database A to B”

MAgE Calendar Sync on the other hand has different behavior. It will adhere to the MDB specified on “Select Mailbox Database” only until mailbox is added to the Mail Sync, at which point it no longer moves those mailboxes. Even after mail sync is complete or mailbox is removed from any mail sync collection, just simply the fact of mailbox was ever touched by Mail Sync Agent is sufficient for Calendar Sync to no longer try and move it (the information about previously synchronized mailboxes is stored in SQL configuration database). Here is exactly what’s said on the MAgE Calendar Collection properties:

“These settings will be applied only to those mailboxes that are not members of any mailbox synchronization collections”