Microsoft Entra ID Migration Services

At Coherence, our proven team of Active Directory Migration experts will assist you in migrating your Active Directory.

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We Offer Complete Active Directory Migrations

At Coherence, our team of experts will assist you if you need active directory migration services. Here’s exactly what those services entail and why you should choose Coherence.

What Is Active Directory Migration?

In many cases, IT migration consists of having an upgrade, or just moving from an old version to a new version of a product. However, active directory (AD) migrations are much more complex because they involve more moving parts. Also, their consequences are far-reaching, which is why they should always be done by professionals.

One of the reasons this type of migration is so complex is because AD is not a standalone product. Its core service, or the Active Directory Domain Services, is included in the Windows server OS. That’s to say that you don’t migrate AD directly. You’re doing it by upgrading the Windows server on your domain controllers.

To put it a bit more simply, AD migration is the process of combining two domains into one. It requires moving users, computers, and associated applications to a new domain, which represents the moving parts we mentioned.

What Are Microsoft Entra ID Migration Services?

Nowadays, many businesses are moving from on-premise user management and authentication servers to authentication over the cloud. It’s a service that’s available to all organizations, no matter their size.

That’s where Azure active directory migration services come in.

With Microsoft Entra ID migration services, organizations can connect Azure virtual machines to a domain without having to deploy domain controllers. Using corporate Microsoft Entra ID credentials, users can sign into the virtual machines and easily access their resources.

To securely administer domain-joined virtual machines, businesses can use Group Policy. It’s a familiar way to enforce and apply security baselines on all of their Azure virtual machines.

What’s more, Microsoft Entra ID Domain services have lots of useful features, which are often used by companies. These features include NT LAN Manager (NTLM), LDAP, domain join, and Kerberos authentication.

Another benefit is that organizations can migrate legacy directory-aware applications that run on-premises to Azure. Also, they don’t have to be concerned about any identity requirements. And to back their identity infrastructure, businesses don’t have to use a VPN connection or deploy domain controllers.

Why You Need Active Directory Migration Services

Most companies or businesses opt for AD migration when they’re in the process of a merger, acquisition, or divestiture. More often than not, when a company purchases another company, the cost of maintaining both AD infrastructures is sky-high and simply not cost-effective.

That’s why expertly handling AD migration is crucial.

The only way to create balance and alignment between companies is by sharing resources. What’s more, when it comes to divestitures, AD migration can be used to separate a business unit into its own entities without network disruption or downtime.

Why Choose Coherence for Your Active Directory Migration Services

Detailed Planning

Detailed and meticulous planning is a key part of any AD migration, and it has to include each client’s unique environment. That’s why we center our planning process around the stated end goals and customize them to our client’s needs.

Experienced Team of Consultants

The entire Coherence Inc. team is comprised of experienced data migration consultants who have been in the industry for a long time. In addition to AD directory migration services, we also offer Novell Directory Services to Microsoft Active Directory. We can also migrate your business from Microsoft Exchange, Novell Group Wise, and Lotus Notes to Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange using expert advice, custom tools, and a unique approach.

Seamless Transition

To achieve the best possible results for our clients, we guide them through the testing phases of migration using our proven migration methodology. That is why one of our services includes knowledge transfer. With it, we can equip your in-house team with the right tools and skills to take control of the migration.

Custom Tools

To make the transition process seamless, at Coherence, we research the best migration tools for each project. What’s more, we’ve developed our own tools that help manage migrations in a more automated fashion. That means that we have the right tools for every business and every project.

Our Clients

When it comes to all things migration, we’ve collaborated with companies of various sizes, and no workload is too big or too small for us. What’s more, we’ve had clients from both private and government verticals, but we’ll let them speak for themselves. Here are just some of the organizations we’ve worked with so far

FAQs for Active Directory Migration Services

Q: How to prepare for AD migration?

A: There are lots of things to do before migration, starting with doing an evaluation of business needs and requirements. An audit should also be done on the existing AD infrastructure. At Coherence, we can make all the necessary preparations for you.

Q: Is Microsoft Azure secure?

A: The short answer is, yes, Microsoft Azure is secure. With over 3,500 cybersecurity experts in their employ and over 90 compliance certifications, the goal of Azure is to ensure that businesses have a solid and secure foundation.

Q: Can Coherence Inc. help with all my migration needs?

A: Yes, we can. We offer a wide range of solutions for data, directory, and messaging migration to ensure we’re aligned with our customers’ needs. For more information on what we can do for you and your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.