Coherence, Inc. partners with some of today’s top leaders in their field to provide the best solutions to satisfy each individual company’s IT needs.

This is the synergy we have been speaking to for years

“We all know how stellar the Coherence migration teams are, and it is hard to believe, but they have upped it a notch. This team not only has delivered high quality, consistent work in a political nightmare environment, but they have uncovered new business. This is the synergy we have been speaking to for years – how these guys as technical experts can bring in additional products and services because they are so highly technically-skilled.”

Joe Tobias
Project Manager, Quest Software
Quest is a global software company offering a broad and deep selection of products that target common IT challenges. They create simple-to-use, innovative IT management software that saves time and money across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Whether it’s automating routine tasks or solving your toughest IT challenges, their award-winning products deliver rapid value and simplify the management of IT. That means less chaos and stress for you. Plus, as a Quest Reseller Partner as well as a Service Provider Partner, Coherence is offered significant product discounts – translating to big cost-savings for your organization.
Microsoft is a worldwide software company that strives to help their customers realize their full potential. They are continually evolving so that they can accelerate new technologies as they emerge and better serve their customers, as it is their customers who motivate and inspire them to stay committed to their mission. As a Microsoft Partner, Coherence gets firsthand knowledge of features and capabilities of the latest Microsoft software, and we are always up-to-date with the latest news, opportunities, and training. We are also eligible to offer tailored financing options that are just right for the needs of your business.
Google is an international conglomerate that provides a vast array of services for people and businesses. With all of their technologies – from search to Chrome to Gmail – their goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to find the information you need and get the things you need to do done and done faster, or in other words, “understand exactly what you need and give you back exactly what you want”. Google provides a variety of tools to help businesses of all kinds succeed on and off the web, and those very programs form the backbone of their own business. As a Google Apps Re-seller we are able to pass along savings due to our discounts off of list prices and provide a broad set of cloud services, and cleanly package an entire experience of product and services – all customized to meet your company’s needs.
AdecoTech, Inc. is a Canadian-based company laser-focused on merger, acquisition, and divesture business. They are a leader in the NOS Directory, Messaging, and Data Enterprise Migration space. Their solutions and services are based on Enterprise-skilled people using proven methodology to ensure their customers’ and partners’ success. Coherence is pleased to have teamed up with AdecoTech as yet another avenue to support customers throughout the US and Canada.
Owned by Rob Walton, a senior messaging consultant with a wealth of experience delivering complex email migrations around the world, EmailMigrations.Com is a specialized global consultancy, based out of Australia. Their company provides flexible consulting services and a truly independent perspective on how to perform successful email migrations. Coherence’s alignment with EmailMigrations.Com adds support and coverage for customers throughout Australia and nearby regions.