Coherence, Inc. offers a wide range of solutions surrounding the directory, data, and messaging migration arena using best-of-breed consultants to align our solutions with our customers’ needs.

This is the synergy we have been speaking to for years

“We all know how stellar the Coherence migration teams are, and it is hard to believe, but they have upped it a notch. This team not only has delivered high quality, consistent work in a political nightmare environment, but they have uncovered new business. This is the synergy we have been speaking to for years – how these guys as technical experts can bring in additional products and services because they are so highly technically-skilled.”

Joe Tobias
Project Manager, Quest Software


We pride ourselves on the quality of our team, the quality of their delivery, the quality of the tools we leverage.

Coherence migrates your e-mail from where it is hosted to any destination including Gmail, O365 / Office 365, Groupwise, Exchange, POP3, SMTP, etc..

Tenant migrations have unique constraints and require careful planning.

Active Directory is relied on by most critical applications in your organization.  We migrate your staff and applications in an automated fashion with minimal impact.

We migrate Google GSuite data to any platform.

Project Management

Managing a migration project is a fundamental requirement for success but is often overlooked.  As part of our consulting services, we offer project management services scalable to your needs.  Our experienced team offers global coverage and has exceptional knowledge.  Together we make sure that your project is implemented in the best way and has the desired end result.

Custom Tools

We offer custom tools and product add-ons to reduce the impact and duration of migrations.  We also work closely with larger vendor tools, such as Migration Manager from Quest Software (our preferred vendor tool choice).