Coherence, Inc. offers a wide range of solutions surrounding the directory, data, and messaging migration arena using best-of-breed consultants to align our solutions with our customers’ needs.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our team, the quality of their delivery, the quality of the tools we leverage, and the quality of our company as a whole.

  • Experienced Consultants
    We provide specialist consulting expertise on how to migrate from Microsoft Active Directory, and Novell Directory Services to Microsoft Active Directory and we migrate from Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and Novell GroupWise to Microsoft Exchange and Office365.
  • Proof of Concept
    Thinking about a migration but not sure how best to do it and if you should leverage tools?  We offer workshops and lab testing led by experienced specialists to offer you the best solution approaches to take you from A to Z.
  • Discovery and Architecture
    A key requirement to a successful migration is to understand your source environment.  Without all facts such as users, computers, groups, mail data location, size, or application dependencies (to name a few) it is difficult to know where you are coming from and what you take with you.  We can help you discover your source and counsel you on the best decisions for your business.Building upon the known source information and by listening to what your future business requirements are, we offer architecture workshops to construct the best design and migration methodology for your business needs.
  • Implementation and Knowledge Transfer
    Using our proven migration methodology, we guide you through the various testing phases of a migration, offering knowledge transfer to the team who will ultimately take control and complete the migration.
  • Full Migration
    Perhaps the best way for your business to migrate is by outsourcing the project completely.  We offer this possibility and can provide all levels of support and experience to make your migration a success.

Project Management

Managing a migration project is a fundamental requirement for success but is often overlooked.  As part of our consulting services, we compliment by offering project management scalable to your needs.  Our experienced team can offer global coverage and have exceptional knowledge of the deployments we deliver.  Together we can make sure that your project is implemented in the best way and has the desired end result.

Custom Tools

We offer custom tools and product add-ons to provide automation to assist in the migration effort.  This often helps further refine the use of the larger vendor tools, such as Migration Manager from Quest Software (our preferred vendor tool choice).

Whatever your migration needs, you are in quality hands with Coherence.  We look forward to partnering with you.