Products & Custom Tools

Coherence has developed a suite of software tools to enhance the Dell migration software and deliver to clients through our custom tools service.

Coherence continues to develop products and tools to manage migrations in a more automated fashion so if you can’t find a solution below, we can always build one!  Here is a selection of our offerings for your review:

Exchange Migration

Dell Migration Manager for Exchange

  • QMM Queue Check:  Enhances the standard interface and keeps a high level near-time GUI view of the mail sync process used by QMM for Exchange.  It provides alerts for queue backups both visually and via email.
  • AgentChecker:  This program is used via a scheduled task to verify agents on Agent Hosts servers used by QMM for Exchange are still operational.  QMM Agents, when stacked, can lock up.  AgentChecker detects those locks and restarts the agents to resume mail and calendar sync.
  • DeliverAndRedirectCheck:  A GUI app which will check the status of the ‘Deliver and Redirect Flag’.  It can also ‘fix’ this flag for selected users.
  • NTA-CopyToNAS:  Copies transmission agent .PRV files to ‘other storage’.  This tool runs in the background in a loop creating directories on storage devices to facilitate easy copying to correct server and directory location.
  • QMMEX QueueCheck:  GUI near-time monitoring of transmission queue counts with alerting capability.  Allows quick links to view log files and explore the qmmex$ shares.
  • QMM Replyability:  GUI tool assisting in replyability and group memberships checks during one-way sync’s where the source has contacts in the target.  Can also be useful in a QMM and QCS scenario.
  • SetMailFromCSV:  When given an exchange 5.5 export, it will update the referenced target AD user to set the primary SMTP field.  Best utilized when both Exchange 5.5 and Ex2.x are in scope.
  • SwapPrimarySMTP: This GUI tool swaps the secondary address (for to be the primary (  Useful when the Customer has new domain names in place as the secondary and has many customized addresses making the RUS population not possible.
  • SyncPrimarySMTP:  This GUI tool will set the target primary SMTP to match the source primary SMTP.
  • TSMap:   This tool will create import files for QMM for Exchange based on current store assignments.  This is beneficial in a mass pre-sync’ing of mail in a many server to many store environment.



Active Directory

Dell Migration Manager for Active Directory and Domain Migration Wizard


  • WSProfCheck:  Provdes visual feedback through a service center GUI to easily fix desktop profiles broken during migration.
  • ObjeRelo:  A background service which sorts objects into their correct OU’s in AD.  Particularly useful when using Dir Sync to create objects instead of migration sessions and reduces license waste.
  • BuildSessionFiles:  Builds DMW session files for local workstation users.
  • CQC5:  Allows mass QMM collections to be created whilst using an LDAP based collection migration.  Collections are built so that MigsUpd (see below) can be used to schedule sync and switching.
  • MigsUpd:  Sets user attributes to support LDAP based migration.  This can be executed as a scheduled task for night operations.
  • EnumLocalUsers:  Enumerates local profiles and the associated local user (good for checking data you are submitting the ‘BuildSessionFiles).
  • FmtLDE:  Fixed group membership during intra-forest migrations.  Updates target object to have the same group memberships as the source object.  The tool checks for migrated groups much faster than running ADPW.
  • NaturalGuid:  Simple command line utility which tells you the Native Guid of an object (by sAMAccountName).  This is the string that QMM puts in the matching extension attribute.
  • RProfGen:  Generates cmd files that can be used to update large NAS devices where home drives and/or profile redirection has been setup.
  • SetMatchingGuid:  When given a user map, the tool will update the matching attribute on the target with the NativeGuid of the source.
  • StripUnicode:  When given a file (like vmover.log) that is both desktop and QMM dependent containing Unicode and non-unicode text in the same file, this app will convert the Unicode parts to non-unicode so the Unicode parts (when viewed in notepad) will not appear as gibberish.  This is useful during International migrations.