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Coherence Inc. is the market leader in IT consulting services, specializing in on-premise and tenant migrations including Microsoft O365, Azure, Active Directory, Exchange, IBM Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise, and NDS migrations. 

Coherence has been doing migrations since 2002 and strives to minimize the impact of migration through leading tools and in-house applications.

We provide a range of intelligent technology solutions designed to meet the challenges of public and private sector organizations.
Our principal solutions areas are underpinned by an extensive portfolio of professional services offered via a range of delivery models.

We engage directly with small, medium, and large enterprises, providing customized solutions in a range of industry sectors.


We offer a wide range of solutions surrounding the directory, data, and messaging migration arena.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our team, the quality of their delivery, the quality of the tools we leverage, and the quality of our company as a whole.

Project Management

As part of our consulting services, we compliment by offering project management scalable to your needs.

Custom Tools

We offer custom tools and product add-ons to provide automation to assist in the migration effort. Whatever your migration needs, you are in quality hands with Coherence.

Experienced Consultants

We provide specialist consulting expertise on how to migrate from Microsoft Active Directory, and Novell Directory Services to Microsoft Active Directory and we migrate from Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and Novell GroupWise to Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 (O365).

Proof of Concept

Thinking about a migration but not sure how best to do it and if you should leverage tools? We offer workshops and lab testing. Our experienced specialists offer the best solution approaches to take you from A to Z.

Implementation and Knowledge Transfer

Using our proven migration methodology, we guide you through the various testing phases of a migration, offering knowledge transfer to the team who will ultimately take control and complete the migration.

Discovery and Architecture

A key requirement to a successful migration is to understand your source environment. We help you develop a migration strategy.

Full Migration

Perhaps the best way for your business to migrate is by outsourcing the project completely. We offer this possibility and can provide all levels of support and experience to make your migration a success.


Coherence, Inc. offers a wide range of solutions surrounding the directory, data, and messaging migration arena using best-of-breed consultants to align our solutions with our customers’ needs. 

We will migrate your e-mail from where it is to where you want it whether it is Gmail, O365, Groupwise, Exchange, Notes, POP3, SMTP, etc.

Tenant migrations have unique circumstances which require precise planning.

We have significant experience migrating not only Microsoft Active Directory, but more importantly thousands of applications that rely on it.

We help organizations migrate Google GSuite data to other platforms.

Complications of Migrations

Migrations are often complicated. Uninformed decisions can have a significant impact on your business so it's important that you engage the right company to help you with your migration.

What are the benefits achieved?

The benefits of any migration are realized by meeting the business objectives and will differ from project to project.  Most organizations complete migrations to reduce budget and reduce information security risk.

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