We provide a range of intelligent technology solutions designed to meet the challenges of public and private sector organizations.

Our principal solutions areas are underpinned by an extensive portfolio of professional services offered via a range of delivery models.

We engage directly with small, medium and large enterprises, providing customized solutions in a range of industry sectors.

Welcome to Coherence, Inc

Coherence, Inc. is a small business focusing on IT consulting services with a specialty in migrations.  Specifically Coherence works with Active Directory, Exchange, Notes, GroupWise and NDS migrations.  Coherence has and continues to perform a significant amount of custom development to automate the migration process to make it fast and simple as possible.  Our services are focused on providing expertise around the migration process.

Complications of Migrations

Migrations are often over complicated by uninformed decisions made by business and technical staff.  These decisions - be they technical, time line, budgetary, or inappropriate process chaining - can cause undue stress on a project and, at its worst, cause a project to halt in its tracks.


What are the benefits achieved?

The benefits of any migration are realized by meeting the business objectives and will differ from project to project.  By that we mean merger, acquisition, and/or divestiture projects all have completely different goal sets where different benefits are realized by the business and end users.


Latest Blogs

Migrating SIDHistory without Source AD RPC connectivity

I recently had a very interesting project where Source company was splitting off one of its branches to join Target company, and as such, what we could do with the Source AD was very limited. There was no direct Source AD RPC connectivity, and we could only have AD attributes export of to-be-migrated objects via csv text files. QMM was out of the question (yet, we still managed to find a good use for it!)

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Exchange Federated Cross-org Calendar Sharing in my own words

Anyone who’s been in AD / Email migration business long enough, can appreciate Exchange cross-org (or on-prem to Online) Federated Calendar sharing feature. Old days of setting up plentitude of Calendar synchronization jobs are going away, and instead of delayed and sometimes not syncing properly Calendar updates we can now fetch live F/B directly from the other side org.

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Intra-forest AD migration: One more pre-requisite to consider

After doing intra-forest migrations for many years, I recently discovered some new pre-requisite which I would like to share in this article. It all started with the following computer migration error: “Error 0x000021C7. The operation failed because SPN value provided for addition/modification is not unique forest-wide.” User migrations are failing as well referencing duplicate UPNs. This is where I started digging.

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