Migrating SIDHistory without Source AD RPC connectivity

I recently had a very interesting project where Source company was splitting off one of its branches to join Target company, and as such, what we could do with the Source AD was very limited. There was no direct Source AD RPC connectivity, and we could only have AD attributes export of to-be-migrated objects via […]

Exchange Federated Cross-org Calendar Sharing in my own words

Anyone who’s been in AD / Email migration business long enough, can appreciate Exchange cross-org (or on-prem to Online) Federated Calendar sharing feature. Old days of setting up plentitude of Calendar synchronization jobs are going away, and instead of delayed and sometimes not syncing properly Calendar updates we can now fetch live F/B directly from […]

Intra-forest AD migration: One more pre-requisite to consider

After doing intra-forest migrations for many years, I recently discovered some new pre-requisite which I would like to share in this article. It all started with the following computer migration error: “Error 0x000021C7. The operation failed because SPN value provided for addition/modification is not unique forest-wide.” User migrations are failing as well referencing duplicate UPNs. […]

How to approach Azure AD Connect during “on-prem” migration

These days almost every AD or especially Mail migration has to account for Azure AD Connect presence in the environment. I want to cover transition scenario where one AD domain is being migrated into another AD Domain, while migrated objects continue to be synchronized into the Azure cloud.

Handling “Remote Registry” service as part of QMM RUM requirement

QMM RUM always had a requirement for the “Remote Registry” service to be running on migrated computers but starting with Windows 8 / Server 2012 Microsoft has made it a bit more challenging for the migration engineers to handle. Even if you set it to “Automatic” and start, it will eventually be stopped by OS […]

CPUU and Outlook 2016

With the arrival of Outlook 2016 and Migration Manager adding its support starting with CPUU 5.6, it now has some additional parameters which I wanted to cover in this article.

MS Exchange Client-Server protocols

Just came across this simple diagram of MS Exchange client-server protocols and figured I’d share it here. These days there is a bit of a confusion on where each protocol used in Exchange so I decided to try and fill this gap. I will also put it in the context of QMM migrations and describe  how it […]

Hyper-V “Connect to VM” graphics issue

You may say that it’s not a migration related issue but I will disagree with you here because once you start having issues with your migration LAB, all your migration plans start falling apart…