Meet MFCMAPI successor in EWS world… EWSEditor.

With the standard of having MAPI access to the mailboxes going away as of Exchange 2013, not to mention so many mail hosted/cloud solutions these days, more and more migrations are now relying on EWS based impersonation rights. So in a MAPI world you use MFCMAPI to quickly test service account permissions over the migrated mailboxes. What do you do to verify impersonation rights with EWS?

The answer is: EWSEditor. Didn’t take long to see that migration tool is working correctly and problem is that impersonation permissions were not assigned correctly. And once you are able to reproduce the issue with native Microsoft tools – it’s not your problem anymore, am I not right? 😉

Very slick tool by the way, allows you to browse through the mailbox folder structure, check Autodiscover, impersonation and more…