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This is the synergy we have been speaking to for years

“We all know how stellar the Coherence migration teams are, and it is hard to believe, but they have upped it a notch. This team not only has delivered high quality, consistent work in a political nightmare environment, but they have uncovered new business. This is the synergy we have been speaking to for years – how these guys as technical experts can bring in additional products and services because they are so highly technically-skilled.”

Joe Tobias
Project Manager, Quest Software
PowerSyncPro Scheduler
Active Directory Migration
Michael Gastright

PowerSyncPro Scheduler Explained

The PowerSyncPro Scheduler is Dynamically built by the tool.  If you are an old hat in the migration space and you took a look at

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DNS DNAME Record: Migration use case

Just came across a common post-migration scenario that often happens during old Source domain decommissioning: What do we do with Source Domain name? Particularly how to redirect all those old

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My Migration Mantra’s

When I red Mark’s excellent post titled Marathon Rules of Migration it occurred to me that I ought to post my own set of rules and

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