Top 5 Office 365 and G Suite Migration Consultants

If you’re planning a migration and need to know who the best Office 365 and G Suite migration consultants are – we have you covered. We’ll give you the who, what, and why, and delve into the necessities of migration services.

Let’s get into it.

Why You Need G Suite Migration Service

When you feel like your existing email service providers aren’t working for you for one reason or another – it’s time to consider G Suite migration.

The main reason organizations move to another provider is reliability. A decade ago, on-premise email servers were the rule, not the exception, but so much has changed since. 

Nowadays, there are much more efficient and cost-effective solutions and just better ways to utilize email services. What’s more, when you migrate email from G Suite, it can prove to be a more budget-friendly solution.

Another reason you might consider migrating is that it allows you to have access to different features. You can shop around to find features that are just right for your organization.

G Suite also has certain platform limitations as it operates within the Google ecosystem. At times, it might not integrate as smoothly with third-party applications or platforms.

For all those reasons and more, you should consider finding the best G Suite migration consultants.

Why Hire G Suite Migration Consultants

Starting off, with professional migration consultants like Coherence Inc., you’ll have access to invaluable experience and expertise. By understanding the complexities, potential challenges, and best practices involved, consultants can ensure the process goes smoothly.

What’s more, migration consultants can create an efficient plan and strategy tailored to your organization’s specific needs. Not only that but with data integrity and security at the forefront of each strategy, professionals can guarantee your safety throughout the process.

Working with migration consultants will also minimize downtime and disruption so that your business can continue operating. You will receive a custom solution for your needs, along with constant support and troubleshooting.

How to Choose the Best G Suite Migration Consultants

Before we give you our list of the top 5 G Suite migration consultants, we should first determine what makes anyone good enough to handle your move.

The first thing to look at is expertise and experience, and you can do so by reviewing their track record, client testimonials, case studies, or any other relevant certifications.

Then, consider the services they offer, which should include not only the technical aspects of migration, but also planning, project management, data security, training, and post-migration support. 

Another consideration is customization and scalability. Can the consultants provide tailored solutions to your specific requirements? Your chosen consultant should be able to understand your unique needs, offering scalable solutions that align with your plans.

You should also ask how the company handles sensitive data and if they prioritize data security and compliance. 

Finally, consider the cost of the services and weigh them against the value they provide. 

Top Office 365 and G Suite Migration Consultants

Now, it’s time to take a look at the top G Suite migration consultants, the services they offer, and the benefits they can bring to your organization.

Coherence Inc.

If you’re looking for G Suite migration consultants at the top of their field, go with Coherence Inc. A team of full-time migration consultants, Coherence offers email migration services, tenant migration, and active directory migration.

Their email migration service includes:

  • Discovery
  • Architecture
  • Build
  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Pilot
  • Production stages

The process is carried out in that order to ensure migrations have minimal impact on your organization. As part of Coherence Inc.’s email migration services, clients can request:

  • Exchange to Office 365 migration
  • Office 365 Tenant-to-Tenant migration
  • G Suite to Office 365 migration
  • IMAP migration
  • Gmail migration
  • Office 365 to Office 365 migration

In case of acquisitions, migrations, or the necessity for an upgrade – Coherence Inc. can do it all.

In addition to its migration services, Coherence Inc. will also carry out the entire project management using custom tools and product add-ons. The team can do implementation and knowledge transfer to the team who will support the system operationally.

What’s more, if you believe that the best way to migrate is through outsourcing, Coherence can provide all levels of support and experience to ensure it’s a success.


With headquarters in Seattle and offices in Amsterdam, London, Sydney, and Tokyo, SkyKick makes it easy for IT partners to migrate, back up, and manage their customers.

If you’re looking to move from Google to Office 365, SkyKick can ensure an easy, automated transfer. What’s more, they can help sync Google Calendars, labels, and contacts, as well as perform Gmail migration to Outlook 365.

SkyKick offers three different migration products to meet its customers’ unique environment. These include:

  • Data-only
  • Small business
  • Enterprise

With data-only, SkyKick will only move the email data, which is ideal for desk-less workers, Mac shops, and project work. The small business product comprises robust project automation designed for 365 migration from 1–250 users. Finally, the enterprise is project automation for large, staged, or multi-server Office 365 migration.

Jones IT

Jones IT is a G Suite and Microsoft 365 specialist from San Francisco with extensive experience in the business. They have created a set of best practices for managing the migration to or from G Suite and Office 365.

No matter the size of your company or the extent of the data, Jones IT can guide you through the entire process. What’s more, they can help you avoid common pitfalls and problems associated with these types of migration. 

During the migration, Jones IT can be available for off-site and on-site support. They will take care of moving all emails and offer training sessions for your employees. Finally, the migration consultant will go over the timeline of the migration, referencing online training materials that they’ve created.

S&E Cloud Experts

S&E Cloud Experts can accompany your organization in every step of your Google Workspace, from the get-go to transformative labs. They are a certified Google partner that offers simple and efficient migration with a smooth and painless transition.

Besides migration to and from Office 365 and G Suite, S&E Cloud Experts also offer personalized training sessions and workshops. Based in Montreal, their team can travel anywhere in Canada and the American East Coast to help train your organization.

Big Cloud Consultants 

Big Cloud Consultants specialize in implementing Microsoft Cloud technologies to enhance your workflow. As a leading SharePoint and Microsoft 365 consultant, they provide end-to-end cloud, hybrid management, and consulting services. 

The Big Cloud Consultants team is composed of specialists with a range of expertise in Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Azure, Exchange, Power BI, Migration, and Cloud Managed Services.